GB Railfreight improves services with large investment in innovative wagons (version anglaise)

08/05/2014 - 10:00
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GB Railfreight has today announced that it has secured a five-year lease with VTG Rail UK Ltd for 18 of its new Ecofret triple-platform wagons. 

These triple-platform wagons are designed to maximise the number of 40’ boxes that can be carried within a given train length, with the outer platforms being able to carry one 40-foot container each, and the inner platform being able to carry either one 40-foot container or two 20-foot containers.

This financially significant lease order follows a successful 18-month trial by GBRf of one of VTG’s Ecofret triple-platform wagons. Delivery for the other 17 triple wagon sets will commence from the beginning of November 2014 with the first 12 being delivered across a six week period at a rate of two per week. The last five units will commence delivery from January 2015 onwards. 

GBRf believes the addition of these wagons to its current fleet is an important development for the company, and it allows GBRf to once again respond to its clients' demands. 

40ft boxes are continuing to dominate the deep-sea container market and, as a result of the large investment that has taken place at the Port of Felixstowe, customers have increased their demand for these types of container. New Ecofret wagons will allow GBRf to better satisfy this demand and make more effective use of capacity. 

The wagons are constructed on track-friendly bogies, which further cements the freight operator’s support for long-term sustainability of the UK’s rail network. 

John Smith, Managing Director of GB Railfreight, said: 

“GB Railfreight is delighted to announce the lease of 18 new Ecofret triple-platform wagons from VTG Rail UK Ltd. VTG has really revolutionised container transportation with this new model and it will allow ourselves and the rest of the rail freight industry to provide greater and more efficient services for our customers. 

“The growing dominance of 40ft containers in the deep-sea market, infrastructure improvements at the Port of Felixstowe and changing train length regulations all mean that freight transportation demand is changing in the UK. We want to make sure we adapt to this changing environment and improve our productivity. 

“Nevertheless, the freight industry as a whole still needs support from the Government if it is to effectively capitalise on these developments. Further improvements to the Felixstowe-Nuneaton route is particularly vital if the maximum level of service efficiency is to be achieved.” 

Rob Brook, Managing Director of VTG Rail UK Ltd, said: 

“VTG is particularly pleased that the award winning benefits that Ecofret brings to the maritime container freight market have been recognised by such a key player in this sector as GB Railfreight. 

“Ecofret has been recognised as having the potential to change the economics of the UK’s intermodal container rail freight market and is a prime example of the type of innovation needed if we, as an industry, are to meet the increasing demand predicted in this key sector whilst making the most efficient use of the network capacity available. 

“We look forward to building on our already substantial relationship with GB Railfreight, and to work with them to meet the demands of their intermodal customers using the Ecofret, the most efficient and environmentally friendly wagon available in this market.”